Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is a world-leading company in manufacturing professional solutions for food service and laundry system.

With a complete product range for cooking, preserving and processing food as well as dishwashing systems, garbage disposal and fabric cleaning systems, Electrolux Professional provides tailored solutions for each professional operator in the food and laundry fields.

To better fit its customers’ needs Electrolux is increasingly engaging customers in many processes, from the early market research phases, to define new products characteristics, to production, delivery, operation, and maintenance phases. The overall goal is to create innovative appliances, able to provide the best technological solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs space and reduce environmental impact.

Our suppliers are crucial partners in ensuring quality and innovation in our appliances, and truly help Electrolux shape living for the better for millions of people.
Jonas Samuelson
CEO and President of Electrolux

Tempestive is a key partner of Electrolux Professional in this transformation process providing the necessary technologies to help transforming a product-based business into an increasingly service oriented business based on “connected products” and “cloud services” by adopting its NUBOJ IoT Business Platform. Beginning with one specific product (SpeeDelight) Electrolux is planning a similar transformation process applied to almost all the products in their portfolio and roadmap.

The SpeeDelight project combines a unique product including 3 cooking technologies (contact plates, infrared radiation and microwaves with beamforming, for a perfectly even temperature and temperature profile both outside and inside), and Tempestive NUBOJ IoT Business Platform services to distribute recipes, guarantee quality of service, map performance, follow recipe trends, get personalized statistics, synchronize the whole chain in real time, and monitor (and possibly anticipate) any warnings or malfunctions.