NUWA Technologies

Nuwa Technologies is a start-up offering innovative services for the music sector.

Tempestive has been chosen to develop Lindale, a dedicated social network based on Azure-Microsoft Cloud that can scale together with the company growth and with the increasing number of users of the Nuwa Technologies’ services.

Music continues to be enjoyed by more people in more ways than ever before. Artists, both professional and amateurs, are the main actors of a constantly growing industry. We are now in an exciting era in which streaming is making the depth and richness of every kind of music available to hundreds of millions of people, with artists connecting more directly and more quickly among themselves and with their audiences. Challenges remain, however, to ease the life of those that create and invest in music in this increasingly digital world.

Prior to being a music oriented social networking platform, Lindale is a constantly evolving concept being shaped day by day by us and by our trial users. Tempestive is an extraordinary partner who succeeded at creating a flexible and robust cloud-based platform capable of handling continuously changing requirements.
Stefano Andreani
CEO and cofounder of NUWA Technologies

A social networking platform produces a new medium for social interactions. And social interactions in specialized sectors can benefit a lot from specialized social networking platforms. On behalf of NUWA, Tempestive implemented Lindale, a newly developed social networking platform that provides dedicated services to both professionals and amateur artists in the music sector on a global scale, covering the needs of both musicians and service providers. The advantage with respect to Facebook or LinkedIn is that Lindale is highly specialized on the music sector and gives its users the capacity to expand their network with a single comprehensive toolbox. The overall goal is to satisfy any possible needs of people and organizations within the music community (and communities) with a single virtual place, saving resources and increasing career opportunities.

The basic functionalities include registration of the capacities and experiences that can be offered to the community as well as the registration of the possible requests from the community to create new collaboration opportunities and “supply chains”. More advanced functionalities include event management and the capacity to aggregate teams and bands to satisfy the needs of the events in a flexible manner. Additional functionalities presently being experimented exploit the potential of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to give added value to the Lindale-based networking.