A voluntary consortium of 9 health authorities, 2 hospital authorities, the Veneto Oncological Institute (IOV) and Azienda Zero of the Veneto Region, it is configured as the Veneto's centre of competence for eHealth, which pursues the improvement of health processes and the assistance offered to the citizen with a view to inter-company collaboration.

Project objectives:

In 2016, far from the Covid-19 emergency, the Veneto region needed to find a solution to address several health needs, a solution that would later prove to be very useful even at the time of the pandemic. What were the problems? The need for real time monitoring of pharmaceutical spending, the problem of paper collection with possible inaccuracies on prescriptions and their related blanks, the management of long queues in GP offices, even for trivial repetitive prescriptions.

The continuation of this situation would have not guaranteed a quality service delivery over time, especially in a matter that has an increasing complexity and bureaucratic fulfillment. The health and pharmaceutical personnel were employed almost more in these tasks, than in their main core, which is that of personal service. It is at that point that Tempestive comes into play, realizing the intelligent intuition the Veneto region had: a mobile App (Android and iOS) to allow citizens to enjoy many services on their smartphone. The KM0 healthcare app allows the dematerialization of health prescriptions and facilitates the booking of specialist examinations; it allows citizens to manage the entire process directly from their smartphone: from the prescription of the general practitioner to the withdrawal of drugs from the pharmacy, from the control of the history to the subsequent fulfilments. Less costs and more speed. The work was carried out in team with Arsenàl at the beginning, to whom the complete management of the project was handed over at a later stage. The Sanità KM0 App has been usable since the beginning and is continuously evolving to respond to citizens’ feedback. It currently has more than one million downloads.

Allows to:

The benefits are many:

  • Simplifies and speeds up the prescription request system
  • No more queues and long waits at medical clinics
  • Medical prescriptions arrive directly on your smartphone, and you can immediately pick up the drug at the pharmacy by showing the prescription on the device
  • Possibility to book specialistic visits automatically from the app or by booking a call from the reservation center

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