Electrolux Professional is a world-leading manufacturer of professional catering and laundry solutions. With a complete range of products for cooking, preserving and processing food, as well as dishwashing, waste disposal and fabric cleaning systems, Electrolux Professional provides tailor-made solutions for every professional in the food and laundry industry.

Project objectives:

To best meet its customers’ needs, Electrolux is increasingly involving customers in many processes, from the early market research stages, to define the charateristics of new products, to the production, delivery, operation and maintenance stages. The objective is to create innovative appliances, to provide the best technological solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs and environmental impact. Tempestìve is a key partner for Electrolux Professional in this transformation process, providing the technologies needed to help transform a product-based business into an increasingly service-oriented one. Starting with one specific product (SpeeDelight) Electrolux is planning a similar transformation process applied to almost all products in its portfolio and roadmap.
The SpeeDelight project combines a unique product that includes 3 cooking technologies (contact plates, infrared radiation and beamforming microwaves for a perfectly uniform temperature profile both outside and inside), and Nuboj to distribute recipes, ensure quality of service, map performance, track recipe trends, obtain customized statistics, synchronise the entire chain in real time and monitor (and possibly anticipate) any alerts or malfunctions.

Allows to:

  • The company’s business transformation
  • Increase in productivity and reduce costs
  • Ensure service
  • Improve performance
  • Obtain statistical data
  • Anticipate malfunctions or downtime

Discover Nuboj the ready to use IoT product by Tempestìve. Extract value out of collected data, go beyond telemetry.

Watch the video  Nuboj – IoT for Electrolux Professional

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