Industrial chiller manufacturer


Industrial chiller manufacturer

Company that designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of industrial chillers.

Project objectives:

This industrial chiller manufacturing company, with an international market supported by more than 70 worldwide distributors, identified a problem in their customers’ behavior which needed to be resolved as soon as possible. Many of the end users were not performing routine maintenance on the machines, causing product malfunctions and damage over time. When a failure occurred, precisely because of the lack of maintenance, they used to request repair work under warranty. These requests were becoming more and more numerous and consequently expensive for the manufacturing company, causing it serious economic damage. How did we intervene to help this company? Thanks to Nuboj, which enabled machine monitoring, alert definition, and conditionbased maintenance, end users were informed via push notifications of warranty expiration and the need for routine machine maintenance. Through this preventive strategy, the company was able to reduce warranty work by 50% while improving brand perception.

Allows to:

  • remotely monitor machines
  • define alerts and push notifications for the customer
  • implement conditionbased maintenance
  • improve communication with the end customer
  • achieve economic return, in this case through a 50% decrease in warranty work and improved brand reputation

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