Integrated water service


Integrated water service

Italian company operating in the field of integrated water service.

Project objectives:

This company relies on IBM Maximo for the maintenance of its plants and water network. For the geospatial management of the assets distributed throughout the territory, it uses General Electric’s Smallworld GIS, “Geographical Information System”, a software system that allows the acquisition, analysis, visualisation and sharing of information derived from geographical data. The lack of integration between these systems forced the users to split data and logic of the same equipment between its operational and geographical representation.
Not having a geo-referencing of the asset directly in the asset-management system wasted the users’ time and above all made it difficult to match intervention requirements with the structure of networks and plants and the morphology of the territory.
​​Tempestìve created an ad-hoc extension of the map management functionality within Maximo,integrating it with the water and sewerage layers exposed by GE Smallworld. In this way, the user can directly see where the asset is located and where a maintenance activity took place. Vice versa, in the GIS it is now possible to retrieve a layer with the geolocalized interventions in order to operate analysis linked to the territories.

Allows to:

  • the map management functionality integration within Maximo with the water and sewer layers exposed by GE Smallworld
  • the user can immediately see the location of the asset and if the maintenance activity was carried out
  • in the GIS it is possible to retrieve a layer with geolocalized interventions
  • analysis of the territories thanks to the geolocalization of the interventions


Tempestive has been working with IBM Maximo asset management software for many years, on clients of all sizes and multiple businesses. In addition, all of Tempestive’s Maximo consultants are IBMcertified, so that companies can be assured of ever-higher standards and expertise. Tempestive supports IBM Maximo clients not only in defining maintenance processes and technical implementation of the system, but also in developing customizations, complete addons, and integration with external systems.

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