An Italian refinery that, thanks to the production of electricity and oil products, has become a technologically advanced energy hub of absolute importance on the national scene, certified for environmental protection ISO 14001, safety OHSAS 18001 and quality ISO 9002.

Project objectives:

This refinery has been using IBM Maximo for decades for plant maintenance activities. SAP, on the other hand, is used to manage warehouse logistics related to consumables and spare parts. However, because the two systems were not integrated, the scheduling and accounting of work orders was inefficient, slow and often required balancing corrections.
The lack of automatic integration between the Maximo and SAP systems would have led to continued inefficiency and economic waste in the fundamental process of using and managing the materials necessary for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
Tempestìve implemented the IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for SAP add-on, which enabled the rapid integration of Maximo with SAP for material management flows. Thanks to this integration, our client was able to address the specific needs of the refinery by customizing product logic. The end result was automatic integration of the entire lifecycle of materials: from purchase to consumption.


  • life cycle of materials, from purchase to consumption, management
  • address the specific needs of the refinery
  • product logics customization

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