DRIVEvolve starts a partnership with Tempestìve

🎉🥇🤝🏼We are proud to finally announce this important partnership with DRIVEvolve, which has chosen Tempestìve for the development of its solutions. Aimed at multiutilities, facility management companies and public and private transport companies, DRIVEvolve's products aim to improve the efficiency of fleet management. Our expertise in creating technologically advanced solutions, together with our ability to work in teams with our clients, gave birth to the sodality between the two companies, both part of Confindustria Alto Adriatico, and ensured a synergy of evolutionary strategies. Read the articles dedicated to this collaboration in ANSA and Corriere Dell'Economia.👇🏼 Partnership DrivEvolve srl e Tempestive: soluzioni tecnologiche per l’efficiente gestione delle flotte aziendali - Corriere dell'Economia ( Gestione flotte aziendali: al via la partnership tecnologica tra DrivEvolve srl e Tempestive spa - Motori -

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