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Ghostwriter is a Word file generator that enabled our customers to produce and manage countless compless paperworks and documents in just a few minutes. How? Ghostwriter does it for you, simply, quickly and automatically, starting with the guided completion of a simple form.

Achievements with Ghostwriter


Error reduction


Time through practice

Benefits for companies

Reduction paperwork management time, eliminating the possibility of errors and guaranteeing the correctness of data: designed for organisations of different sizes, Ghostwriter automatically creates voluminous and complex documents in a few minutes with a strong control over the correctness of the text, starting from the guided compilation of a simple form.
Data can be entered manually, or retrieved from internal and external sources such as databases or other systems. After filling in the form, Ghostwriter automatically generates the Word document Word containing the contract or file.
With Ghostwriter (also available as a Cloud version) you can caollaborate instantly on documents with multiple users, even from remote locations (fixed and mobile) and with different company profiles, keeping track of every change and eliminating the risk of unwanted changes.
Ghostwriter is used by a number of organisations that to date have produced hundreds of thousands of accurate documents easily, quickly and efficiently, gaining a great economic advantage and achieving an excellent level of compliance with regulations (internal or external).




Keeps track of every change and eliminates the risk of unwanted changes.


Diferen roles.

Document visibility and different roles based on assigned permissions.


Compliance with regulations

Compliance with internal or external regulations.


Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate with other content management systems, document collaboration and semantic text analysis.


User friendly

Easy in use and user friendly.

Contact us if don’t want to waste any longer time in creating and filling in paperwork and contracts of any kind: Ghostwriter will easily do it for you.

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