From Internet of Things to Internet of Results

Collecting data is not enough. Start managing it to produce results. Nuboj is Tempestive’s ready-to-use Commercial IoT product, which analyzes data from connected machines and turns it into useful results for improving the business of machine and device companies.

Achievements with Nuboj




Operating costs




Interventions under warranty


Time to Market

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Benefits for companies

Our customers, specifically device manufacturing and management companies, can make their machines “talk” through the data they produce using Nuboj. Why limiting to only collecting data when you can gain valuable insights from it? This is where Nuboj makes a difference. By analyzing and processing the collected data, it allows you to derive its true value, making it available to your business. You will be able to capture relevant business insights useful for marketing activities, product improvement, maintenance management and many other aspects. A 25% increase in turnover, a 30% reduction in operating costs, a 50% increase in production, a 50% reduction in warranty claims, and an 84% reduction in time to market are just some of the results our customers have been able to achieve by using Nuboj. Nuboj is an off-the-shelf product that can be configured as needed, this allows companies to get off to a costeffective start with IoT within a short time.


Through Nuboj, our customers have been able to take action on various aspects of their business. Let's take a look at some examples:


Increased customer satisfaction

Better knowledge of end customers and their usage habits: offer an up-to-date product based on your customers’ preferences and ensure that the purchased product is used correctly and efficiently.


Brand protection

Protecting brand and product quality by being able to control the entire production chain from start to finish. Because with Nuboj, quality comes through information technology.



Nuboj enables servitization: it is posssible to extract a monetizable service based on the product, with the goal of realizing new revenue models and delivering more value for the customer.


Process efficiency

Rationalization of production and improvement in the use of machines. Reduction of operating costs, increase revenue and productivity.


Continuous improvement

Reduce product defects and increase the quality of the provided service.


Start faster

Nuboj is your ready to useIoT system and cuts time and costs for time to market. This means that you will be able to use your IoT system in just a few days without wasting time in developing custom solutions (six months to a year, minimum).


Continuous monitoring and maximum efficiency

With real-time data from connected machines, it’s possible to avoid malfunctions, failures, down time, while maximising machine efficiency.

Push beyond telemetry and move to phase 2 of your IoT. You can connect and make the most disparate and diverse objects “talk”. Our customers have already connected coolers, coffee machines, stoves, ovens, air conditioners, laundries, operating tables, even dog collars. And you, what do you want to connect? No limits. Next connected machine could be yours.

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