In its more than 30 years in the business, Fogal has specialized in designing and producing refrigerated display counters, establishing a strong international market presence. This success is rooted in three fundamental business principles: the customization of products to meet specific client demands, maintaining high standards of quality, and a continual focus on research and development. This approach ensures ongoing innovation and improvement of their products, aligning with evolving market needs.

Project objectives:

Fogal wanted to optimize its sales process to respond even more effectively to its customers’ needs. Initially, the company was using a traditional list-based process to compose offers, a reliable method but one that presented challenges in the area of product customization and visualization.

The need to present clear and customized product visualizations to customers was becoming increasingly important. Fogal was constantly striving to improve this stage, aware that a more efficient process and more effective product presentation could have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and sales opportunities.

To overcome these challenges, Tempestive developed a customized graphic configurator for Fogal. This innovative solution allows customers to visualize and customize products with ease, offering accurate and immediate graphical representation. The configurator not only facilitates the creation of graphic previews but also automatically generates the quote and bill of materials for the configured products, greatly simplifying the sales process.

The configurator has transformed the shopping experience for Fogal’s customers, increasing satisfaction and engagement. In addition, the configurator has enabled retailers to offer superior service, increasing sales and strengthening Fogal’s presence in the market. Through this collaboration, Fogal not only solved a significant operational challenge but also gained a competitive advantage in the industry.

Allows to:

  • Improve visualization and customization: Fogal customers can now visualize and customize products quickly and accurately, significantly improving the user experience.
  • Efficient sales process: the configurator automates and simplifies the sales process, reducing the time spent creating customized offers and increasing efficiency.
  • Make quotes accurate: automatic generation of quotes and bills of materials ensures accuracy and reduces the possibility of errors, ensuring clear and reliable communication with customers.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: the ability to preview customized products has increased customer satisfaction, improving brand loyalty and perception.
  • Empower retailers: the tools provided to retailers have improved the quality of service, helping to increase sales and strengthen Fogal’s presence in the market.
  • Give a competitive advantage: the advanced solution positions Fogal as an innovative company in the industry, providing a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining customers.

What does Fogal say about us?

Marco Campisi, Marketing Manager at Fogal, shares his experience with the project developed with Tempestive:

“For years, we had envisioned creating a product configurator. Our refrigerated counters are renowned for their high customization options. Our range includes a wide variety of models, accessories, colors, sizes, and finishes, making it essential to streamline the sales and product presentation processes. We needed a tool that would clearly and effectively showcase Fogal’s product features.

Thanks to Tempestive, we were able to bring this project to life, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Their professionalism and outstanding support enabled us to develop software that has revolutionized our sales process and provided a unique tool in our industry.

Now, our customers can find all the information about our refrigerated counters in one place. The configurator allows them to explore our full range in detail, customize models with various accessories, and generate detailed quotes in just a few minutes.

The product configurator developed by Tempestive enabled us to offer our customers a personalized and exceptional experience. The automatic generation of detailed quotes and materials lists has significantly eased our workload and contributed to many of our recent successes.

Our collaboration with Tempestive has been extremely positive. We’ve found partners who are always ready to listen to our needs and turn them into practical solutions. Communication was always clear, and they guided us step-by-step through the development process. We highly recommend Tempestive to any company seeking innovative and reliable solutions to optimize their business processes. We look forward to continuing this partnership and developing new projects together.

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