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450% faster backups? It can be done!

450% faster backups? It can be done!

What if we told you that it is possible to speed up data and file backups and restores by +450%? That is exactly what Neiko, the company featured in this success story, achieved. 📑📌Read the case study and find out how they were able to improve and make the performance of the company’s infrastructure more efficient.

The smart contact lenses era begins.

The smart contact lenses era begins.

Wearing a smart contact lens directly in the eye, being able to view digital content superimposed on reality. Movie scenes? Pure science fiction?! No, that’s what Drew Perkins, the CEO of Mojo Vision, experienced. Mojo Vision has devised a tiny contact lens capable of containing all the hardware needed to see text, images and run applications.
Drew Perkins believes that “this test validates their thesis of offering smart contact lenses as a superior type of computing experience: invisible, hands-free computing with all the world’s information in your eyes.” Not only that, such technology in the future may also help people with severe vision problems. In fact, smart contact lenses will allow the wearer to regain mobility and confidence through integrated features such as contrast and illumination improvement of surrounding environments, highlighting edges and contours, maximizing visual function.
We live in a world where “the future runs fast“, knowing and studying new technologies is essential to stay abreast and to guarantee people a better quality of life, a goal also shared and pursued by Tempestive.
👉🏼 Article by Antony Vitillo
👉🏼 More about smart lenses for vision problems

Reamplia Remote Assistance and Epson Moverio BT-45 smartglasses, the perfect match.

Reamplia Remote Assistance and Epson Moverio BT-45 smartglasses, the perfect match.

✅two 0.45-inch Si-OLED transparent screens with Full-HD resolution
✅8-megapixel camera
✅ magnesium structure, lightweight and robust, resistant to drops, dust or water splashes
✅ equipped with protective helmet
✅ usable via Android smartphone or with the dedicated controller

We’re talking about the new Epson Moverio BT-45 Smartglasses 🤩
They have all the requirements for use in the industrial environment and are the perfect device for Reamplia Remote Assistance, Tempestìve’s Augmented Reality solution for remote assistance. Reamplia eliminates the distance between the field operator and expert colleagues and helps to identify the type of fault accurately and in real time. It immediately directs the call to the appropriate technician to reduce the time and cost of troubleshooting.
Reamplia Remote Assistance and Epson Moverio BT-45 smartglasses, the perfect match for collaborating without limits.

👉🏼 More about Reamplia Remote Assistance here
👉🏼 Watch the official Epson Moverio BT-45 video

The Italian Senate President visits Tempestìve

The Italian Senate President visits Tempestìve

During the visit of the Italian Senate President Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati at the Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico Andrea Galvani, Tempestìve had the opportunity to present the “Sanità 4.0” project developed in partnership with OPT SurgiSystems. Link to the Case Study for the details of this innovative operating table.

ECOBONUSITALIA is the Best Digital Platform of the Year 🏆

ECOBONUSITALIA is the Best Digital Platform of the Year 🏆

Supporting and providing companies with the best solutions for their business is our main goal, and our clients’ successes are a great pride for us that we cannot hide.
This is why today we are celebrating Flavio Terzi and his ECOBONUSITALIA, which was awarded as Best Digital Platform of the Year in the Innovation sector at the LeFonti TV Awards.
Read the ECOBONUSITALIA Case Study to learn more about the project and the innovative features of the platform 👉🏼 ECOBONUSITALIA – Tempestìve (

And the winner is… NUWA Technologies

And the winner is… NUWA Technologies

For Tempestive it is always a great satisfaction when the projects of its partners are rewarded and successful. Also in this case we’d love to share with NUWA Technologies the joy for the recent achievements: not only winners with TILE of the “music” section at Immediate Accelerator (the first vertical business accelerator in the world of media and entertainment in Europe), but also present with their project in prestigious magazines such as Rolling Stones and Forbes.
Congrats guys! We are proud to contribute to the change of the music world by teaming up with you, with Tempestive technology 💪🏼
👉🏼 More about 𝐓𝐈𝐋𝐄, the project of the partnership between NUWA Technologies and Tempestìve

Released Q-81® HSE WEB APP 6.0

Released Q-81® HSE WEB APP 6.0

🎉🎯Today we celebrated the release of the 6.0 version of Q-81® HSE WEB APP, which took 2 years and 10,000 hours to develop.
Since 2012, NORD PAS 14000 Srl, a leading company in workplace health and safety management, has decided to focus its skills and internal business activities on the growth of its business, entrusting the development of its cloud solution to a qualified software house. That’s how the partnership between NORD PAS 14000 Srl and Tempestìve was born, a collaboration that gave birth to Q-81® HSE WEB APP.
Q-81® HSE WEB APP boasts more than 3.000 companies managed in different sectors, with names such as Credem Banca, Aspiag Service srl, Electrolux, Adecco, Fantoni spa, Hilti, Coccinelle, etc.
Tempestive is proud to be the “software engine” of NORD PAS 14000 Srl. 💪🏼



💪🏼🌺 Best wishes to the women of Tempestìve, and to all women around the world!
#tempestive #festadelladonna #internationalwomensday
TIME 1982 cover: the computer is Machine of The Year

TIME 1982 cover: the computer is Machine of The Year

“Several human candidates may have represented 1982, but none symbolised the past year more richly, or will be seen by history as more significant, than a machine: the computer.”
The edition was the annual one, usually dedicated to people who changed history. But that year the tradition was broken, because on the cover there was not person as every year but, for the first time ever, an object. The star of TIME’s annual December 1982 issue was the computer, which Time named “Machine of the Year”, effectively heralding the dawn of the computer age.

It was the first time the editors selected a non-human recipient for the award (Planet Earth would be second, in 1988), which Time has given annually since 1927.

The article stated that 80% of Americans expected that “in the fairly near future, home computers will be as common as televisions or dishwashers”. 2.8 million computers were sold in the US in 1982.

Ironically, author Harry McCracken wrote the article on a typewriter. In fact, the TIME editorial staff would not have computers for another year.

What does Nuboj mean?

What does Nuboj mean?

Since the success of the post on the correct pronunciation of Tempestìve (🤥), in this article we tell you the story of Nuboj, how it was born and the reason for this particular name. 👇🏼✨

Nuboj, a never ending story. | LinkedIn

The meaning of Tempestìve

The meaning of Tempestìve

Often we come across people who pronounce the name of our company with a “British” accent. But this is not the correct pronunciation… 🧐 Mistakenly interpreted as “quickly”, Tempestìve is a Latin word and means “at the right time”, a concept that is meant to be symbolic of our essence. It is read with the accent on the ‘i’ and the final ‘e’: did you pronounce it right this time? 😂
Now you know, but we forgive you anyway… Because the important thing is not the pronunciation, but that you continue to choose us and rely on us. 💪🏼🎯🤝🏼


You don’t get bored with ITS Alto Adriatico!

📍📣 “You don’t get bored with ITS Alto Adriatico!” these are the words of Paolo Santin, CEO of Tempestive and vice-president of this prestigious institute of which Tempestive is a co-founder. At this link you can find all the information about the training offered by the ITS Alto Adriatico Foundation: we’re not just talking about school training, but above all work training, which opens the participants to highly qualified professional prospects. 👇🏼

Watch the video
Tempestìve is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

Tempestìve is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

Today we would like to share with all of you an important milestone that Tempestìve has reached: we are officially ISO/IAC 27001:2013 certified.
Obtaining an accredited ISO 27001 certification allows you to demonstrate that your company is following information security best practices, providing independent and qualified oversight in line with international standards and corporate objectives.
A big thank you to our Emanuela and Daniele for taking this important qualifying path that enabled the company to obtain this important certification.

DRIVEvolve starts a partnership with Tempestìve

DRIVEvolve starts a partnership with Tempestìve

🎉🥇🤝🏼We are proud to finally announce this important partnership with DRIVEvolve, which has chosen Tempestìve for the development of its solutions.
Aimed at multiutilities, facility management companies and public and private transport companies, DRIVEvolve’s products aim to improve the efficiency of fleet management.
Our expertise in creating technologically advanced solutions, together with our ability to work in teams with our clients, gave birth to the sodality between the two companies, both part of Confindustria Alto Adriatico, and ensured a synergy of evolutionary strategies.
Read the articles dedicated to this collaboration in ANSA and Corriere Dell’Economia.👇🏼
Partnership DrivEvolve srl e Tempestive: soluzioni tecnologiche per l’efficiente gestione delle flotte aziendali – Corriere dell’Economia (

Gestione flotte aziendali: al via la partnership tecnologica tra DrivEvolve srl e Tempestive spa – Motori –

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