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Our customers can count on solutions and products developed to make their activities easier and more effective.

We are always very aware of what is happening in small and large companies, carefully listening to the needs and requirements of companies. Reduction in operating time and costs, increased productivity, new opportunities for our clients: these are the results that our clients achieved and that we want anyone to reach. When our customers are happy, satisfied and able to generate new business, we appreciate when they tell about their satisfaction and their experience with us.

The goal of the partnership with Tempestìve is to “network”, in deeds and not just in words, to offer the market innovative solutions. These special operating tables can be adjusted in positions, even extreme ones, to allow the doctor to work in the best possible way. And the nearest future is the challenge of integrating our operating tables with the hospital’s digital systems: data collection, statistical processing, dialogue between health archives and medical operators.

Managing director di OPTSurgiSystems

Franco Zamboni

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Technology allows people to connect anytime, anywhere and with anyone in the world: this is radically changing the way we work. Co-creation is definitely the future trend and TILE is designed to go in this direction, redefining the modern workflow of audio production and large-scale creation. Tempestìve is an extraordinary partner who managed to create a flexible, scalable and secure Cloud-based platform that meets these needs.

CEO and cofounder of NUWA Technologies

Stefano Andreani

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When I first met this team I needed to embark on a new path that would take me into new orbits of HSE Management. Today, after several years and tens of thousands of hours of work together, thousands of problems solved, we are ready for new and exciting adventures together with the Tempestìve team! To face new challenges and offer our thousands of users the best technology available!

CEO di Nord Pas 14000

Luca Causser

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Leading company on the national territory in starting franchising multi-ethnic food chains.

Food franchise chain start-up company

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The collaboration with Tempestive spa, the SW company specialized in IOT and Machine Learning solutions, has allowed to implement state of the art technological solutions in a particular sector such as the building industry.


Flavio Terzi

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DRIVEvolve chose Tempestìve for an effective technological collaboration for the development of its products and solutions aimed at businesses, in particular multi-utilities, facility management companies, public and private transport companies.
We chose Tempestìve because of their experience and expertise in the development of software with high technological content, and because of their propensity to work as a team, guaranteeing synergic sharing of evolutionary strategies.


Giovanni Collino

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Our suppliers are crucial partners in ensuring quality and innovation in our appliances, and truly help Electrolux shape living for the better for millions of people.

CEO and President of Electrolux

Jonas Samuelson

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I have been relying on Tempestìve for almost 15 years now. I know I can count on their advice when I need to find quick solutions for the system side of the business, which is always evolving. Not only that, Tempestìve also offers a training service that allows companies to learn how to make the best use of the technological tools we have available.

CEO of Breda Tecnologie Commerciali

Daniele Breda

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Tempestìve played a key role in the implementation of SanitàKm0. End users appreciate the system which helps to speed up the time it takes to get prescriptions and makes it easier to use.

CTO Consorzio Arsenal

Claudio Saccavini

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Leading designer of the famous hot tubs, spas and other wellness products.

Jacuzzi Europe

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Italian company operating in the field of integrated water service.

Integrated water service

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We were immediately able to find the ideal way to collaborate with Tempestìve and the necessary harmony to choose the most suitable technologies. The ability to pioneer new technologies also ensured that the choice made today will last and work efficiently and reliably in the future.

R&D Director, Commercial Control, Eliwell Machine Solution – Schneider

Francesco Castagna

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Thanks to Reamplia Live Show, our salespeople are able to present Slowear collections remotely as effectively as if they were physically present. The technological tools of our partner Tempestìve allow the sales force to work for hours live with customers all over the world.

Merchandiser Director

Luca Berga

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The LESS simulation platform is the result of a research and development project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as one of the priorities for the development of “new sustainable technologies, new products and new services”. In our case, the fund supported the collaboration between Tempestìve, Cetena, the University of Trieste and MareFVG.

Progetto LESS – Friuli Venezia Giulia region

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An Italian refinery that, thanks to the production of electricity and oil products, has become a technologically advanced energy hub of absolute importance on the national scene, certified for environmental protection ISO 14001, safety OHSAS 18001 and quality ISO 9002.


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The solution implemented with the support of Tempestìve creates a wide range of new possibilities. We want to bring innovation to a range of seemingly very traditional products.

CEO Palazzetti Spa

Marco Palazzetti

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A multi-utility operating in the environment, energy, heat, networks and technologies for smart cities.


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