Video Content Marketing Company


Video Content Marketing Company

A company which created the first End To End Video Content Marketing platform. It produces and distributes original video content of professional quality and manages the entire life cycle of a video: from conception to production and online distribution.

Project objectives:

At that time, the company was producing more than 1,000 videos a year and needed to manage both its videomaker employees scattered throughout Italy, planning and organising their work, and the large quantity of files being produced. If a solution had not been found to control and manage both videomakers and the amount of created information and files, the company would not have been able to increase its business and therefore economically grow. The videomaking company turned to Tempestìve to develop a collaborative portal to manage communications and the exchange of data and files. This solution made it possible to organise the work of videomakers throughout Italy streamlining the video creation process, which is now channelled through a single portal. Videos are then professionally processed and available to the end customer. 

Allows to:

  • manage videomakers wherever they are
  • plan and organize workload, data and files that are produced
  • streamline the videomaking process
  • channel files into a single portal 

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