Less code, faster development.

LoCoMotiv is Tempestìve’s low-code platform that allows a quick and low cost development of customized projects, such as applications, platforms or portals that require special management. This is possible thanks to LoCoMotiv’s ready to use modules that are configured and customized according to your company’s needs, but also thanks to the technology itself: a low-code platform reduces the writing of manual code and consequently the complexity of the project too. Our customers have been able to benefit from accelerated project delivery along with a significant reduction in development costs for their customized projects.

Achievements with LoCoMotiv


Operating time


Managed users


Time to market

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Benefits for companies

Reduction of operating time, of time to market and of development costs, are just some of the results our customers achieved by developing their projects with LoCoMotiv.
In particular, companies have been able to achieve the following results:

  • 80% reduction in the operational time spent for drafting as many as 150.000 completely different loan contracts;
  • management of 200.000+ users channeled onto a single platform for managing safety at work;
  • acceleration of the implementation of a portal reducing the time to market by 70% and being able to timely seize a business opportunity;
  • sales network worldwide extension;
  • reduction of development costs, by also making the data of a highly automated production system accessible at any level of the hierarchy.

How it works

Most of the features that need to be developed in the creation of a web application are already ready and deployable with a few clicks.
The data are managed by Locomotiv securely. Thanks to the advantages allowed by Locomotiv, ranging from the reduction of manual code writing, to the consequent reduction of the project complexity, our customers experienced accelerated delivery of business applications along with a sensitive reduction of development costs.




Ready-made and easily implemented functionality.



Data is managed by LoCoMotiv in total security.


Less manual code

It does not require the writing of manual code but is quickly configured using a graphic editor.

Contact us if you want to develop a a project with specific needs, in a short time and with low costs. With LoCoMotiv everything will be easier and faster.

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