Servizi CGN


Servizi CGN

CAF CGN spa is the Tax Assistance Center for Professionals and acts as an intermediary to facilitate relations between taxpayers, professionals and PA.

Project objectives:

Servizi CGN, a recognized leader in the national market for B2B fiscal and labor law consulting, is renowned for its exceptional educational offerings targeted at fiscal sector professionals. The broad portfolio of clients and diversity of courses offered highlighted the need for a more advanced management system capable of further enhancing the quality and efficiency of the service. Facing these demands, CGN identified an opportunity to innovate by replacing the outdated software with a more advanced and high-performing solution.

The transition from an outdated management system to a more modern solution was crucial in maintaining CGN’s high service standards and facilitating its growth in a rapidly evolving market. The need for an upgrade represented not only a challenge but also a significant opportunity to improve operational efficiency and expand the range of services offered, keeping the company at the forefront of professional training.

In response to this critical situation, Tempestive was tasked with developing a tailored solution: an advanced portal for managing and organizing courses. This platform not only replaced the old system but also introduced innovative new features, turning it into a true marketplace for purchasing courses online. The portal enabled CGN to efficiently manage hundreds of annual training and updating courses, coordinating logistics such as venue selection, scheduling, and instructor selection.

Thanks to this digital transformation, CGN was able to ensure uninterrupted, highquality service to its clients, strengthening its market leader position. The integration of the new system not only improved internal management but also expanded its educational offerings, attracted new customers, and maintained a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Allows to:

  • Optimize course management: streamline the processes of organizing, enrolling, and managing training courses for fiscal sector professionals.
  • Increase scalability: easily manage an increasing number of courses and participants without compromising service quality.
  • Improve accessibility: provide a user-friendly platform that allows for the purchasing and management of courses online, making services more accessible to a broader clientele.
  • Ensure service continuity: enhance the reliability of the course management system, reducing the risk of disruptions and malfunctions.
  • Strengthen market competitiveness: maintain leadership in the fiscal and labor law consulting sector through digital innovation.

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