Alto Adriatico “A. Galvani” Technology Cluster


Alto Adriatico “A. Galvani” Technology Cluster

The Alto Adriatico "A. Galvani" Technology Cluster is a technology park that focuses on technology transfer and business development.

Project objectives:

The Alto Adriatico Andrea Galvani Technology Cluster is a technology park located in Friuli Venezia-Giulia that has been involved in technology transfer and business development since its founding in 2002. In addition to traditional in-person initiatives, the company also periodically organizes online events, such as training, entertainment, solution and technology presentations events, and more. At the time, the Technology Cluster’s main need was to be able to better organize these events, managing the collection of registrations and the workflow of this activity. It also wanted to offer users the opportunity to exchange comments and information about the organized events within a dedicated space. The lack of a dedicated platform for the whole management of the process and all related aspects brought with it several consequences: little efficiency in the communication and attractiveness of the events organized at the time by the Cluster; the amount of work was so great and so was also the demand for dedicated staff to carry it out; and the inability to collect data did not allow for analytical activities on the events held.
What solution did Tempestìve bring to the Technology Cluster? The development of a platform for the complete management of online events, which allowed the Technological Cluster to quickly publish calendars, collect registrations, monitor access, and automatically send push notifications to participants, saving considerable time for the staff involved, who previously had to perform these tasks manually.

Allows to:

  • speed the process of creating and managing online events up
  • collect registrations and monitor access
  • automate the sending of notifications to participants
  • channel users within a dedicated forum
  • collect and analyze event data
  • reduce staff time spent managing this activity, which is no longer done manually


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