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Jacuzzi Europe

Leading designer of the famous hot tubs, spas and other wellness products.

Project objectives:

Jacuzzi Europe was not able to efficiently manage the orders coming from the retailers in its worldwide network and to organise the service intervention in the best possible way at the time of post ticketing. It was also necessary to manage costs, materials, times and the synchronisation of this information with the AS400 management system.
In the long run, the lack of organised management of this system would have led to a loss of time and money, together with customer dissatisfaction.
Through LoCoMotiv, Tempestìve’s proprietary technology, it was possible to create an information system for the organisation and distribution of incoming requests.
With the “JADE” information system, Jacuzzi Europe was able to assist its dealers and the user in resolving tickets, managing and classifying requests, decisively speeding up processing times thanks also to the integrated warehouse management, which allows delivery and production times to be forecast.
The “JADE” portal allows the management of authorisations with an organisation tree and the display of work reports, all in total security thanks to the double authentication function.

Allows to:

The use of the Low – Code LoCoMotiv platform for the creation of this type of solutions brings with it several advantages. Some of these are:

  • most of the functionalities that need to be developed in the creation of a web application are ready and implementable with a few clicks;
  • the complexity of the project is reduced;
  • project delivery is accelerated;
  • development costs are significantly reduced;
  • data are managed by LoCoMotiv in total security.

Discover low-code technology LoCoMotiv, to develop custom projects quickly and cost-effectively.


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