Water resource management company


Water resource management company

Company managing the water resource through aqueduct, sewerage and purification services.

Project objectives:

The company that is the protagonist of this story was at that time facing different aspects related to water resource management. It owned many software programs, all different and unrelated, and the same entities were repeated in different subsystems, making it difficult to relate the different b. This disorganization was putting the company at risk as it would not be able to ensure compliance with safety regulations. In the long run it would also cause a large economic and time loss. Tempestìve created for this client an aggregator portal of all the aqueduct information from the various software, which helped the company in the management of assets and work sites, along with better maintenance and planning of interventions and work shifts. Also, through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it has been possible to implement a timely system to forecast the water consumption of individual users, which has allowed the company greater human resource efficiency along with water resource optimization. The system is also used as a communication tool to reduce the distance with its customers and to offer them a more accurate service.

Allows to:

  • to channel information and data from the aqueduct into a single software package
  • manage maintenance and construction sites
  • plan interventions and work shifts
  • forecast water consumption


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