Spa, bath and wellness manufacturer


Spa, bath and wellness manufacturer

Manufacturer of domestic and professional wellness spaces and centres (whirlpool baths, mini-pools, saunas, spas, etc.).

Project objectives:

This home and professional wellness spaces manufacturer had a warehouse that was almost exclusively managed manually and on paper. Information on stored and in-transit materials was not synchronized with the management system in use. In addition, this company’s internal warehouse management procedures included a final stage that combined production, warehousing, and groupage shipping: a traditional system would not have been able to handle such a unique situation. Last, the entire process was incompatible with the software and technological solutions that were becoming increasingly popular. The consequences were diverse: from the inability to know and catalog correctly the type and quantity of goods in the warehouse, to the incorrect drawing up of the year-end inventory. Tempestìve developed for this client a solution for special warehouse management, integrated with the internal management system, which adapted to procedures and production management used by the client. Thank to this solution it is possible to optimize the time spent searching for goods, to keep track of the goods in stock, and to calculate the value of the warehouse in real time, facilitating year-end inventory. The developed system also integrates with industrial barcode reading devices. Whit Locomotiv, Tempestive’s proprietary technology, it was possible to create a tailormade solution that meets the company’s individual needs, which a normal management system could not have done.

Allows to:

  • finish the production cycle and ship goods to customers
  • optimize the time spent searching for goods
  • keep track of goods in stock
  • calculate the value of the warehouse in real time
  • facilitate the drawing up of year-end inventory
  • integrate industrial devices for reading bar codes

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