Banking Institution


Banking Institution

Credit Institution that promotes the area and the welfare of residents not only from an economic point of view.

Project objectives:

Processing a loan file is a very complex and delicate operation for a bank. Specifically, in the bank in question, transferring open Word files between colleagues generated not only a lot of errors, but also lengthened the bto complete the file. The other problems concerned the numerous errors generated by the “copy and paste” procedure, as well as the fact that all users compiling the file could also edit parts of the file that were not under their responsibility. The flow of the file was not controlled, and there was no procedure for figuring out where the file was slowed or blocked. Tempestìve stepped in to improve the credit file generation process through a solution that allows total management of the document from its creation, to the final Word destined for the notary’s office. Each archivist can work exclusively on the parts under his responsibility, without being able to modify the work of colleagues. Each step is monitored, and managers are notified through automatic notifications of any delays or problems in the various stages of document production. The solution, developed with LoCoMotiv technology, emblematically called “Istruttoria Crediti“, enabled this bank to simplify the process of disbursement of any type of mortgage, reducing time, errors and management costs. In general, Banks using Istruttoria Crediti, have been able to instruct and manage more than 200,000 mortgage files of different types.

Allows to:

  • Reduce by 80% the time it takes to process the file
  • Standardize mortgage disbursement documents and processes
  • Manage the application workflow with guaranteed traceability
  • Control and reduce the time it takes to go through files
  • Achieve greater human resource efficiency
  • Ensure data accuracy and regulatory compliance
  • Integrate with any other bank management system

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