ECOBONUSITALIA is a company founded by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs in the industry, who have glimpsed the market opportunities introduced by the italian Superbonus 110% but, above all, have immediately perceived the difficulties for the implementation of projects by professionals, businesses and individuals and condominiums.

Project objectives:

The Italian state has issued regulations with the aim of improving the energy impact of as many homes as possible on the national territory. The entrepreneur wanted to seize this business opportunity and therefore needed to quickly go on the market with a solution capable of managing processes, data and actors related to Ecobonus. The Ecobonus grant application involves a very complex documentation collection process; therefore, the lack of a tool to facilitate the procedure would have exposed citizens and professionals to considerable tax and criminal risks. In addition, the client would have lost an important business opportunity. Tempestìve has developed a complete solution for the management of the document flow of the procedure related to the Ecobonus contribution request. The portal created follows step by step the professional, the citizen and the company in charge from the start-up checks, to the final certifications and the transfer of credit, through a series of check lists to start the practice.

Allows to:

  • Simplified functionalities for Condominium Administrators, Commercial Agents or simple Private Clients who can intervene in the Platform in the dedicated Private Area;
  • Project Management tools for a “transversal” and orderly management of all project phases for Professional Studies or General Contractors;
  • The use of the Conformity Visa integrated into the platform, issued by CAF CGN Spa, a service now required for all types of bonuses;
  • Process of Credit Transfer integrated within the platform, in partnership with leading banks.

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