OPT SurgiSystems


OPT SurgiSystems

A Trentino-based company that is part of the Japanese TKB group, a world leader for more than a hundred years in the design and manufacture of operating tables.

Project objectives:

The main objective of this project is Health 4.0. Bringing technological innovation into the healthcare system in order to improve its service is a great challenge that OPTSurgiSystems together with Tempestìve decided to accept. How is this goal achieved? Thanks to Nuboj, Tempestive’s ready to use IoT product, and the unique healthcare expertise of OPT SurgiSystems. That’s exactly why this project was born, to provide hospitals with increasingly innovative and connected machines that lend themselves to be more and more versatile to allow the surgeon to operate better and better; not only that, they will also be able to integrate with the hospital’s digital systems allowing data collection, statistical processing, dialogue between health archives and medical operator. The ultimate goal of this partnership is to transform a constantly changing sector such as healthcare into a 4.0 sector, thanks to the most advanced technologies.


  • Efficient processes of the operating department
  • Optimization of preparation and execution times for operations
  • Planned and accurate interventions
  • Improved performance of the operating environment
  • Possibility to obtain statistical data
  • Integration of operating table data with dialogue between medical archives and medical practitioner
  • Fiscal benefits in case of a private company.

Discover Nuboj the ready to use IoT product by Tempestìve. Extract value out of collected data, go beyond telemetry.

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