Neiko is a communication agency founded in 2002 in the province of Treviso. It deals with virtual reality, augmented reality and 3d configurators. Thanks to a team of young, dynamic and motivated talents, they have been implementing cutting-edge projects for 20 years by combining strategy, creativity and technology.

Project objectives:

Neiko at that time had mainly three needs, due both to the large amount of data used for 3D and Video projects, which needed to be used and saved as backups, and also necessary to keep up with the company’s continuous and growing expansion. The first one was about speeding up its systems in use; the second one, was the need of increasing their reliability, so that, in case of failures or problems, the system could function without downtime; the third one, backup and restore of computer data needed to be done within the day.
How did we respond to these needs? Tempestive installed at Neiko a high reliability system with a traditional cluster, consisting of two servers and storage with SSD disks, supplied by our technology partner Lenovo. It was also possible to recover and give new life to the previous infrastructure, which is now used for data backup and as a disaster recovery system.

Allows to:

Thanks to Tempestìve’s consulting, which was accomplished through the design and selection of new network equipment and a new cluster, Neiko achieved the following results:

  • backups and restores are now 450% faster
  • a Disaster Recovery strategy has been implemented and all data is now secure
  • the system is highly performant, redundant and reliable
  • the implemented solution allowed the recovery and reuse of the previous HW infrastructure

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