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NUWA Technologies

A young start-up offering innovative services in the music sector.

Project objectives:

Everyone likes music and in more ways. Artists, both professional and amateur, are the main players in a growing industry. We live in an age where streaming makes all kinds of music available to hundreds of millions of people, with artists connecting more directly and quickly with each other. But challenges also remain for those creating and investing in music in this increasingly digital world.
Social networking platforms are a medium for social interactions. If we then take social interactions of specialised sectors, these ‘new places of interaction’ become an indispensable tool. It is on the basis of the values of sharing and interaction that TILE was born, the project developed by NUWA Technologies and Tempestìve together. TILE is a collaboration platform or distributed teams of musicians, born directly on the cloud, which integrates Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence edefining the modern workflow of audio production and large-scale creation.he patented versioning technology allows a team to work in real time on the same project (such as a piece of music for example), optimising transfer times and keeping track of every single change. By the end of each project, a validated report is issued in a blockchain network certifying the degree of contribution of each user (author traceability), which is useful in case of disputes and the basis for sharing music rights. Thanks to an interchange format (also patented), it will be possible, for the first time, to convert the project and have it recognised by other audio production software (the world’s first true cross-software compatibility). In the end, a machine learning-based software-based will be able to measure the impact will be able to measure the impact a song will have on the music market (A.I. Rating), also providing support and useful suggestions during the composition phase, as an experienced producer would do.

Allows to:

  • Make teams of musicians collaborate in real time on the same project
  • Redefine the audio production workflow
  • Optimize track transfer times
  • Keep track of any changes
  • Ensure the traceability of the author of a song through a report issued at the end of the project, useful in case of disputes and basis for the distribution of music rights
  • Measure the impact that a song can have on the music market (A.I. Rating), providing support and suggestions during the composition phase

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