Breda Tecnologie Commerciali


Breda Tecnologie Commerciali

Leading supplier of industrial building materials.

Project objectives:

Breda Tecnologie Commerciali found itself in the situation of having to respond to two needs. The first was to renew the company’s network and update the obsolete hardware, both of which were no longer in keeping with the activities of an expanding company; the second was to train employees in the correct use of the IT tools at their disposal, which were not being used correctly or exploited to their full potential.
If the company had not acted promptly, it would have been faced with a series of negative consequences: stagnating performance, reduced productivity, and the risk of a cyberattack when faced with the unknowing use of email and web browsing.

Allows to:

Thanks to Tempestìve consultancy, carried out through the design and the selection of new network equipment and a new cluster, together with training on the tools of the Microsoft 365 suite, the following results were achieved:

  • Increased security of the corporate network
  • Awareness of IT risks and phishing attacks, together with correct use of email and web browsing
  • Increased productivity through the correct use of the M365 suite

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