Washing and drying machines manufacturer


Washing and drying machines manufacturer

Multinational company manufacturing both home and professional appliances.

Project objectives:

In a large hotel laundry, populated by washers, dryers, and ironers, the machines were not being used to the best of their ability, and the staff in charge were subject to constant downtime (idle trips, waitings, delays). This situation brought with it not only inefficiencies in the provided service and in the work organization, but also higher operating costs. How did we intervene to help this company solve these problems? The answer is Nuboj. Through the processing of data collected from the connected machines, but also through the experience of the staff, the causes of the inefficiency in human-machine communication were identified and solved. Result? Zero downtime, maximum machine utilization. Shifts and loads have been reorganized, and production steps are independently notified, by machines to employees, as needed.The free time “created” through Nuboj has been used by the hotel to resell the laundry service to others in the area. With Nuboj, the man-machine scheduling strategy was revised, avoiding down times and thus increasing productivity by 50%. Not only that, work shifts were reduced from three to two per day, leading to a 30% reduction in personnel costs.

Allows to:

  • improve communication between man and machine and exploit machines to their fullest potential
  • find and solve the causes of inefficiency, improving service and work organization
  • increase productivity
  • reduce operating costs
  • enable servitization

It is not enough to collect data. You need to manage it to produce results. Learn about Nuboj, Tempestive ready-to-use Commercial IoT product.

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