Food franchise chain start-up company


Food franchise chain start-up company

Leading company on the national territory in starting franchising multi-ethnic food chains.

Project objectives:

This client company, a national leader in starting multi-ethnic food franchise chains, found itself in the situation of not being able to efficiently and centrally manage extraordinary maintenance of some stores of the chain. It was also necessary to manage the cost and timing of such maintenance work with the countless local suppliers.

In the long run, the lack of an organized management system would have resulted in wasted time and money, along with a high risk of errors and subsequent customer dissatisfaction.

The ultimate solution came when the company decided to adopt IBM Maximo Asset Management system, thanks to which it was able to survey all of the restaurants’ assets, defining the process of managing requests for intervention sent by restaurant managers through an easytouse app. With IBM Maximo, the company was able to assist its restaurants with ticket resolution, request management and classification, and decisively accelerate response times through integrated vendor management. The ticketing app is designed for direct use from touchscreen kiosks.


  • Control all restaurant assets
  • Assist restaurants with ticket resolution
  • Manage, classify and prioritize the various requests
  • Speed up processing times through integrated vendor management
  • Initiate the ticketing request through a dedicated app, integrated in the touch screens of the kiosks

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