Multi-brand fashion retailer among the most important in Italy for clothing.

Project objectives:

2020 was a challenging year for many companies due to the health emergency that hit the global economy. Many companies, during and after the lockdown, have seen a number of changes in the way they manage their work and, in particular, companies in the apparel sector found themselves disoriented by not being able to interact directly with their customers and not being able to show or even touch their materials.
These are the situations in which technology comes to the rescue: Slowear, a company that makes quality its philosophy, chose Tempestìve’s augmented reality application for distance selling, Reamplia Live Show.
Reamplia Live Show, thanks to the live video that the salesperson shares with the customer and its interactive augmented reality tools, makes it possible to perfectly convey the characteristics of the materials exactly as they would be in real life at a trade fair, at an event, during a sales session. Reduced travel costs, increased timeavailability, increased sales opportunities, are just some of the benefits a company can reap.
The augmented reality application Reamplia Live Show played a key role in bringing people together and in kick-starting the economy in this and other sectors, succeeding in conveying the quality of the product and the values of the company even thousands of kilometres away.


Allows to:

  • sell your products anywhere in the world even remotely
  • reduce costs associated with salesperson travel
  • increase the availability of time to invest in finding new customers
  • increase sales opportunities
  • offer an innovative service to buyers

Learn more about Reamplia, Tempestive’s Augmented Reality application that erases distances and streamlines remote business activities.

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