A multi-utility operating in the environment, energy, heat, networks and technologies for smart cities.

Project objectives:

The management of this company’s electrical emergency services was not adequately computerised, starting with the management of the teams, the scheduling of interventions and ending with the final balance.
​The criticality of an electrical emergency response is ver high, so the lack of high-quality IT support led to unacceptable inefficiencies. In addition, the lack of analytics did not allow adequate analysis of the problems encountered, which would have been useful for starting preventive activities on the systems and the network.e.
​Tempestìve implemented the entire management of the electrical emergency response process in IBM Maximo. Worker’s skills, team composition and availability in compliance with regulatory constraints, reception of reports from the ticketing system and management of overtime orders were analysed, developed and made available to the company, resulting in a real improvement in the quality of the process.


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