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Telea Medical

Telea Electronic Engineering S.r.l., founded in 1988 by Arnaldo and Gianantonio Pozzato, initially operated in the electronics sector, later evolving into the medical field in 1992 with the discovery of QMR (Quantitative Magnetic Resonance). With a team of 16 employees and a turnover of 4 million euros, Telea continuously commits to technological innovation, focusing particularly on the digitalization of internal processes and the improvement of medical device data monitoring.

Project objectives:

Telea’s main goal was to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) into their medical devices without compromising performance or violating current regulations, while simultaneously improving internal operations and adapting to the new Medical Device Regulation standards.

The adoption of Nuboj, the IoT cloud connectivity product from Tempestive, allowed Telea to effectively overcome technological integration challenges:

  • Digitalization of machinery: Using Nuboj, Telea has digitized its machinery, maintaining essential functionalities and embracing new technologies.
  • Compliance and performance: Nuboj facilitated compliance with regulations without sacrificing performance, ensuring a smooth transition towards advanced technologies.
  • Innovation and Artificial Intelligence: The integration of AI and IoT has enabled more effective remote medical assistance, reducing response times and enhancing service quality.

Allows to:

With the integration of Nuboj, Telea has achieved remarkable results that have transformed their operations and elevated the level of service offered to patients. Here are the main impacts:

  • Monitoring and analysis of KPIs: With Nuboj, Telea has been able to monitor KPIs in real-time, developing effective future strategies and introducing innovative modes of servitization.
  • Digitalization and regulatory compliance: Nuboj has simplified compliance with new regulations, automating post-market controls and facilitating trend analysis.
  • Predictive maintenance and clinical innovation: The adoption of Nuboj has reduced downtime of devices and accelerated service interventions, significantly improving patient service quality and facilitating the identification of new clinical protocols.

The collaboration between Telea and Tempestive and the adoption of Nuboj have transformed the way Telea positions itself in the market, demonstrating how technology-driven innovation can significantly improve the quality of care and management of medical devices, confirming Telea’s role as a leader in medical sector innovation.

What does Telea say about us?

Below we can read the testimonial from Gianpietro Favaro, CTO of Telea, regarding the project developed and the experience with Tempestive:

“The ability to provide customers with increasingly targeted and effective support is an extremely valuable asset, achieved also and especially through the connectivity of devices. In this context, Telea Electronic Engineering S.r.l. and Tempestive S.p.a, in 2023, developed a project, funded by IP4FVG-Friuli Venezia Giulia, which was articulated through the integration within a physiotherapy device (Q-PHYSIO), of MQTT connectivity functionality towards a Tempestive server. This function, activated and tested, allows remote monitoring of functional effectiveness, customization of the setup, and flexible management of warranties. Undoubtedly, this cooperation has increased the versatility of the device, making it suitable for new commercial scenarios and has led to a significant increase in corporate know-how.”

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