Eliwell Schneider Electric


Eliwell Schneider Electric

For more than 35 years it has been offering control systems and services for both commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning units, with highly innovative and technologically advanced products.

Project objectives:

HACCP – “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” – is the management system in which food safety is ensured through the analysis and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards from the production of raw materials, procurement and handling to the production, distribution and consumption of the finished product. It is a complex system that could only be regulated by a very specific legislation, which has matured over the years and has made it mandatory for the entire food chain to ensure its wholesomeness. Precisely this legislation that has generated market spaces: without a system to monitor HACCP operations, a loss of control can easily occur, making it impossible to track operations and ensure food safety. In addition, companies in the supply chain often handle the protocol manually and superficially.

Thanks to Nuboj and the collection of data associated with quality monitoring, the company has been able to seize this market space by turning it into a business opportunity, selling to its customers not only traditional products, but also the integrated HACCP service, ensuring that mandatory controls are performed. The collection of data associated with quality monitoring was monetized, and the company gained a new steady revenue stream over time.

Allows to:

  • monitor refrigeration systems
  • access information easily at any time
  • remotely manage and control all variables as required by HACCP regulations
  • obtain detailed reporting for individual devices

Learn about Nuboj, Tempestive’s Commercial IoT product. It’s not enough to collect data, you have to manage it to produce results.

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