Released Q-81® HSE WEB APP 6.0

🎉🎯Today we celebrated the release of the 6.0 version of Q-81® HSE WEB APP, which took 2 years and 10,000 hours to develop. Since 2012, NORD PAS 14000 Srl, a leading company in workplace health and safety management, has decided to focus its skills and internal business activities on the growth of its business, entrusting the development of its cloud solution to a qualified software house. That's how the partnership between NORD PAS 14000 Srl and Tempestìve was born, a collaboration that gave birth to Q-81® HSE WEB APP. Q-81® HSE WEB APP boasts more than 3.000 companies managed in different sectors, with names such as Credem Banca, Aspiag Service srl, Electrolux, Adecco, Fantoni spa, Hilti, Coccinelle, etc. Tempestive is proud to be the "software engine" of NORD PAS 14000 Srl. 💪🏼

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