The smart contact lenses era begins.

Wearing a smart contact lens directly in the eye, being able to view digital content superimposed on reality. Movie scenes? Pure science fiction?! No, that's what Drew Perkins, the CEO of Mojo Vision, experienced. Mojo Vision has devised a tiny contact lens capable of containing all the hardware needed to see text, images and run applications. Drew Perkins believes that "this test validates their thesis of offering smart contact lenses as a superior type of computing experience: invisible, hands-free computing with all the world's information in your eyes." Not only that, such technology in the future may also help people with severe vision problems. In fact, smart contact lenses will allow the wearer to regain mobility and confidence through integrated features such as contrast and illumination improvement of surrounding environments, highlighting edges and contours, maximizing visual function. We live in a world where "the future runs fast", knowing and studying new technologies is essential to stay abreast and to guarantee people a better quality of life, a goal also shared and pursued by Tempestive. 👉🏼 Article by Antony Vitillo 👉🏼 More about smart lenses for vision problems

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