Internet of Things

Everything is possible, you just need to make it easy. Our services are designed to make work easier and more effective in every single aspect.

Thanks to our experience in making Things, People, and Applications interact, you will be able to create new knowledge and infinite opportunities.

Nuboj IoT platform

Listen to your products, interact with your clients: create values by communicating with things.

Your products, if connected to the cloud, can talk to you. They can tell you, for instance, when they need maintenance. They can tell you more about those who use them and how they use them.

You will learn to customize them. You will transform events and metrics into cashable services that can be repeated over time during the life of the products: you will produce new values for clients, for intermediaries and for yourself.

We connect your “things” and your software applications to the cloud and make them communicate. We can make you remotely manage your asset of connected devices, since moving bites is cheaper than moving people and shipping goods.