Palazzetti is a company leader in the production of fireplaces and stoves. Modern generation of pellet stoves can now be remotely controlled by an app running on smartphones or tablets.

Tempestive Nuboj is the cloud based IoT platform chosen by Palazzetti to manage all data and information exchanged with stoves.

It is now possible to understand if the stoves are used correctly, if they need maintenance, if they can be improved in future design steps, granting the best product quality and the unrivalled final customer care, which in the past was an unknown subject.

The solution implemented with the support of Tempestive allows a wide range of new possibilities. We are trilled by the opportunity to trigger innovations into apparently very traditional set of products.
Marco Palazzetti
CTO Palazzetti Spa

This approach allowed Palazzetti to support the creation of a new business and revenue model for the company and to support the design of new, more efficient, and more reliable products. Although Palazzetti operates primarily with a B2B logic, the possibility to establish a link with the end user is of paramount importance not only to provide those App-based, “visible”, services that the market expects from any modern device but also, other, “non visible”, functionalities that are necessary to support modern service oriente business approaches.

The solution allows to collect key operational and functional parameters from fireplaces, stoves and barbecues as well as information about the user set up to implement predictive maintenance strategies and to understand user behaviour. The better understanding about user behaviour is already feeding back useful information to the R&D, about the design choices and the control strategies to implement, and to the purchasing departments about the components to select to minimise costs of maintenance and maximise return.